Monday, June 29, 2009

I Got You Babe

Okay. So the title has nothing to do with the post I'm about to make. I was just sitting here, at my aunt's hardy dial-up equipped computer plunking away (My 'rents got rid of the internet!), trying to come up with an imaginative title, when I noticed that atop her computer desk my aunt has both The Very Best of Cher, and Gloria Estefan: Greatest Hits.

My secondary title choice? Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves. That one was for you Cheryl.

So. On to better things. Last week I had a library dream. And it should be said, I have many library dreams. But this one is the Great Bambino, if you will, of library dreams. It must be shared.

In the dream, it was Pioneer Day, and as luck would have it Cheryl and Alex, who were working Circ, found a hidden closet in the back adjacent to the BP shelves. When Cheryl opened it, she found an entire authentic pioneer wardrobe - with dresses, suspenders, hats and pants and mustaches for everyone! Our Circ supervisors were all so pleased by this vintage addition to the Circulation collection that they encouraged all of the employees of Access Services to don the pioneer wear. So there we were, all of us, dressed as pioneers and working the desk. But what made it even better, you may ask?

"Amber, what made it even better?" you ask.

Sharolynn was cheerily playing a pipe organ that had replaced the computer at the BP desk, and we were required to do-si-do anytime we got up to get Reserve books!

I know right? SO SKILLED!

Oh man... I sure miss the LRC. Hope you guys are all doing well!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank you Andrew, Killer of Creativity

"Huzzah," I thought. "Finally, an LRC blog where I can share all those funny everyday LRC observations that I make every time I work there. So many quirks and anecdotes and..."

...Nothin'. As soon as I sit down to write my first post, I can't think of anything. It's all gone.

Wait! Remember...'member how people, like, don't put stuff in the drop box and like, it's all annoying and stuff like, "Don't you know how to read???" What's up with that?


I'm sorry! That's all I got and it has so been done before, but I promise I'll get those creative juices going again. Who knows, something crazy might happen in the next 2 1/2 hours before I get off. You never know what will happen the the magical world of Learning and Resources and the Center in which they are located...

Cool Stuff:

Many of you probably remember "Cool Stuff" from last year's meetings. If you don't remember it, or if you weren't there, well.... That's rough. At any rate, here is my cool stuff.

With the exception of that weird air conditioning incident last semester, the LRC has a tendency to be cold...very, very cold. Naturally, my first reaction was to walk into the break room and put on the token Ugly Sweater. So I did. Whilst wearing said sweater, a patron came up to the desk and gave me not one, but two compliments on how cool my sweater was. For those of you who do not find this weird, I will refresh your memory of this glorious piece of work.

The Secondary Beginning

Andrew told me I had to post something before I left. I'm about to clock off. On Kronos.

Did you know that the Kronos is actually a figure in Greek mythology? His wizardry is essentially related to time. Kronos was Father Time.

Cool huh?


LRC: The Beginning

Yep, I'm starting an LRC blog. It's called LRC: The Blog. I was hesitant to actually create a blog, as Amber our fellow co-worker just informed me that blogs are for females, or males who are either indy, artsy or married. Because I don't really fall into any of those categories, I approached the brink of giving up. Then, I remembered how awesome the LRC is, and decided that it definitely needs a blog. So, here we go. Everyone who works in or is affiliated with the LRC may comment. (Others may comment too, but we probably won't read whatever you post). As we all know, the LRC is the coolest part of the Harold B. Lee Library, so I'm fairly confident that we all have some awesome things to say about it. Feel free to share LRC stories, be they funny or serious (preferably funny). Have fun, and remember Passion rules Reason, and Karaoke rules Passion!